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Stefan De Battista

Creative / Head

Founder of who manages the day-to-day operations from the creative aspect of each project. With over 10 years of experience in the Industry, Stefan has built client relationships with local and international businesses. His main principle is less is more. When not at work, he’s probably in flight mode!

Dr. Ing Stefania Cristina

Content Strategy / Software Engineer

Stefania is one of the oldest team members at 12works. Her focus is on image processing and content strategy. Her goal is to create value for our clients by developing concepts with the latest technology. When not at work, Stefania enjoys a heavy workout at the gym.

Naman Jain

Software & Web Developer

Naman is our latest team member at 12works. He’s the programming and WordPress specialist. His skills are remarkable, fast, secure and gives our clients an easy way to manage their own projects. When not at work he’s probably canoeing somewhere around the island.